GenOpp is a non-profit millennial advocacy organization. Driven by the belief that ours is the most creative and innovative generation in American history we promote economic opportunity for young Americans. Our ability to drive progress is threatened by a government that mortgages and stifles our future for short-term political gain, and we strive to engage in the political and policy arenas to create a truly level playing field.


We mobilize our generation by addressing the issues that impact our generation. Our digital and field organizers are hard at work engaging and mobilizing young people across the country in an effort to free the future of the country. Ultimately, we’re working to unite Millennials as a voting bloc so we can finally put a stop to Washington’s generational theft schemes that rob us of future prosperity.

GenOpp is primarily driven by our passion for freedom and the well-being of our generation. We care about youth unemployment, student loans, education, health care, government spending and taxation, and other economic issues. We’re also concerned about civil liberties and work to rein in unaccountable government agencies that threaten our freedoms with unconstitutional spying programs.

GenOpp is a non-partisan organization. Our freedom-driven agenda aligns us with a diverse set of political players. We’re happy to work with both Democrats and Republicans on our key issues.