Government Spying on Your Email

Today, federal departments and law enforcement have the ability to access the emails you write without a warrant, sidestepping Fourth Amendment protections. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it doesn’t matter. Law enforcement can, through current existing law, obtain any of your emails over 180 days old. The most ridiculous part is that the

WSJ: The Millennial Job Malaise

GenOpp President Evan Feinberg appeared on WSJ Opinion to explain the details of the terrible job numbers released last week by the Labor Department and Generation Opportunity. America needs more jobs! Click here to find out how you can take action now.

Here We Go Again: Tax Credits for Special Interests

  If there is anything that a majority of Americans can agree on, it’s that taxes are too complicated. Just filling out the most basic tax forms can take hours. H&R Block commercials run every 20 minutes promising us they can do a better job on your tax return, which is probably true. They are