Why we pay more for less, and how real market freedom would mean better, cheaper care for all

Better health care — at a lower cost — for more people.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) made an already screwed-up health care market even worse. The steady march of government involvement in health care has made it more expensive and lower quality.

Much was made about “death panels” during the Obamacare debate. But the real victims of Obamacare? Young people asked to either pay three times as much for our health care to pay for an older, wealthier generation’s expensive care.

Most of us are young and poor and can’t afford expensive health insurance premiums. Despite the promises of Obamacare subsidies, we still can’t afford it — Obamacare subsidies are negligible for young Americans.

A 26 year old making $30,000 a year, on average, will get $77 in government subsidies. The average, least expensive plan costs $1,908 a year. A 64 year old earning the same salary, however, receives a median subsidy of $4,543 for a $5,148 bronze plan — covering 88 percent of the premium.

We pay more. They pay less.

And it’s not like we’ll benefit when we’re old and the next generation pays. A healthy 18 year old who purchases an Obamacare plan now will pay, at the very least, 18 percent more in lifetime healthcare costs than they would have before Obamacare.

Haven’t we had enough?

Obamacare made a bad system worse. Government-run programs and tax breaks for employer-based coverage have ruined our health care system.

To free the future from a costly, failing healthcare system, we need to put young Americans in charge of their own health care – not the company they work for or the government.