Take Action

Take Action

Get Started Right Now! Here are five things you can do:

  1. Join us on Facebook!

    Join over one million fans on our Facebook page, “Being American!” Here you can read the latest news on issues effecting young adults, express your views, and connect with others. Like us!

  2. Increase your impact!

    Generation Opportunity training guides – quick, easy guides that capture the energy and lessons from organizers around the country on how to have an impact in your community and the national debate. Learn more!

  3. Register to vote now!

    Find out where to vote and register in minutes—we make it easy for you and your friends.

  4. Let your voice be heard and tell us your story!

    One in four young adults are unemployed. Are you one of the many talented, energetic names behind the unemployment numbers, eager to make a difference and contribute? We are listening.  Click here to tell us your story.

  5. Mobilize your friends!

    Organize an event in your area and invite us to participate and help out!

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