Training Guides

How to Write a Blog

New media has changed the world of news reporting and has put a tremendous amount of information into the public square. Bloggers are fast becoming society’s citizen journalists when it comes to capturing news, articulating important issues, and announcing key events.

How to be an Effective In-Studio TV Guest

As an in-studio television guest, you can be uniquely positioned to provide a new perspective or angle based on your views and personal experience.

How to Write a Press Release

A press release is an essential tool to get the word out to as wide an audience as possible on your upcoming event or activity, to effectively highlight your message connected to a significant national, state, or local issue, or to get the word out on other newsworthy items. When targeted to the right people, an effective press release provides an essential service to journalists, supporters, and friends who can use their own personal networks to distribute the release to people they know will be interested.

How to Organize a Local Event

Local gatherings are a critical component of the American ethos and can have a significant impact on the democratic process. Together, we can foster a national dialogue by hosting local events around the country on issues that matter to young Americans. By organizing a local event, you can educate your peers, organize fellow activists, and get your community involved. As you plan your event, keep in mind that the size of your event will not limit its impact!

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor is an effective way to express your opinion about an issue that is important to you while also trying to persuade others who will read your letter. A letter to the editor can also be used as a way to propose a course of action to your fellow citizens or invite them to an event. Letters in response to some article that has appeared in the publication are sometimes given preference.

How to Be Effective at a Town Hall Meeting

The opportunity to participate in a public town hall meeting sponsored by the media or by a local, state or national elected or appointed official is a great reminder of the special privileges we have as citizens in democracy. These venues allow you to listen and pose questions on issues that impact you to officials who represent you. This is true whether the officials are elected or appointed. As Americans, we know that officials exercise the authority we grant them and they are there to serve us.

How to Be an Effective Radio Call-in Guest

The life-blood of talk radio is the listener base that calls into the show. The host and in-studio guests direct the conversation, but without listener feedback there’s no proof as to which issues really matter to people. When you pick up the phone to join the conversation, you instantly become a focus group of one—a singular voice that represents the feelings and concerns of thousands.

How to be an Effective In-Studio Radio Guest

Talk radio is a great medium for discussion about issues that matter. From locally produced shows to nationally syndicated programs to satellite and Internet broadcasting, talk radio involves audiences and reaches communities across America. Bringing your voice to the conversation as an in-studio guest makes a big impact. When you have the microphone, you have a real opportunity to engage and persuade others

How to Be Effective Organizing On and Beyond Campus

Through this training guide, learn proven techniques that will help you to organize and mobilize your campus and greater community more effectively so that you can have an impact on campus, local, and national issues. Using a variety of advanced social media and field tactics, you can significantly increase your impact.