What Matters


Are you fed up with Taxes?

Politicians will tax anything tangible, including your income, sales, healthcare, shipping and handling, facial hair, and even the Nobel Prize. Even the freedom of the Internet is constantly being threatened by imposed taxes. Not only are we taxed too much, but the current tax code is particularly harmful to young Americans. With massive unemployment and student loan debt among our generation, taxing businesses and our income only intensifies these problems. Learn more on how we can fight policies that tax our generation and stifle our opportunities.


Stop Watching Us! Why we need Tech Freedom

Right now, a young American sitting in class has a smart phone in his or her pocket with more computing power and access to information than the President of the United States had in the oval office 15 years ago. Our experience is radically different than past generations. We interact, work, and play through the very technology that we innovate.

Unfortunately, there are many forces threatening our privacy and innovative spirit.

  • NSA- Spying on our every phone call, email, tweet, and text;
  • Disruptive Technologies- Local governments are attacking innovations that revolutionize goods and services like taxis, tickets, and hotels;
  • Patent Trolls- Using a broken patent system to prey on young entrepreneurs.

We need policies that repeal laws that are archaic and harmful to our future. Learn more on how you can fight for a future of opportunity and prosperity.


OptOut of Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a bad deal for our generation. Plans under the federal exchanges have skyrocketed for us and do not meet our needs. There are serious security and privacy concerns as the data hub used to collect personal data has been criticized for being both susceptible to Internet attacks and are open to the misuse of information. Fortunately, young people can opt out of these creepy Obamacare plans and instead find alternatives outside of the exchanges that are safer, cheaper, and more appropriate for us. We need coverage that is more in line with the free market – plans that offer competitive prices and services so all may have access to health care insurance that best suits their individual needs. We simply know a bad deal when we see one, and Obamacare is just that. Learn more here…


Why is it so hard to find a job?

Young people are suffering through the highest levels of sustained unemployment since World War II. 18-29 year old unemployment has been disproportionately high – around 16 percent or higher for the last few years. Students are graduating from college into a workforce that is not hiring young talent. This situation is amplified as student loan debt continues to increase. Our generation has been forced to take multiple part-time jobs, unpaid internships, and in many cases, forced to rely on volunteer work to keep our skills and resume fresh in the absence of full-time job opportunities. We can only freelance for so long. That is why we need policies in place that promote small business creation and make it easier, not harder for entrepreneurs to start their own business and hire young workers. Without this, young people are being robbed of their shot at the American Dream. Learn more here…


War on Youth

The United States faces a very real fiscal crisis. Our federal government spends too much of our money jeopardizing the nation’s fiscal sustainability. In 2011, the US brought in $2.3 trillion in revenue yet spent $3.6 trillion – creating a $1.3 trillion deficit. This recklessness is not new and has led to our ever growing $17 trillion national debt. Our government has not been good stewards of our resources putting many people at risk.

Our crushing debt will never be paid by the current ruling class in Washington, DC, but has been earmarked for future generations, that’s us. We need to rein in this out of control government spending and create a better economic climate that does not threaten the future well-being of our generation.

Learn about a future that can be sustainable and free of debt 


Education for our Generation

Education is essential to the success of our generation’s future. The United States Department of Education (DoEd) has a bloated budget of $68 billion, even though 94% of their employees are deemed “non-essential.” Is the DoEd non-essential? Well, the DoEd’s continually increased involvement in every level of America’s education system has made no improvement on our education … you be the judge. Control of education should be returned to the states, local municipalities, parents, and students. The increased federal involvement in higher education, in particular, has made college costs soar with no improvement to academia. Individuals should be empowered to make the right decisions and not pressured into a system that leaves them unprepared for a career and an inflated amount of student debt.

Learn more about how our education system can be reformed to empower students and create new opportunities!