Who We Are

Generation Opportunity (GenOpp) is a free-thinking, liberty-loving, national organization of young people promoting the best of America: opportunity, creativity, and freedom.  We believe:

  • No issue unites us more than this: our future prosperity and opportunity are not secure – but we have the power to make a difference.
  • Our generation is the most creative, entrepreneurial, and technology-savvy America has to offer, and together we can build a future of prosperity and opportunity.
  • We did not create the national challenges before us – but we will inherit them.
  • We make better decisions about our lives, finances, and future than politicians. Government leaders should create policies which respect our freedom.
  • We are the voice of young people in Washington and in local communities, and we will act to protect our future.

We are millions of young Americans in Washington, D.C., in local communities, on college campuses, online, and around the nation dedicated to securing our well-being and our liberty.

We actively engage and mobilize our peers, colleagues, and friends to support those policies which improve our chance at prosperity, protect our freedom, and insure a lasting legacy better than the one we inherited from previous generations.

Join us and help create a generation of opportunity.

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College Students!
We are always looking for college interns. Select internships even allow you to receive college credit.  Want to know more?  Email us.

Young Artists!
GenOpp is actively engaging young people through creative and artistic media: visual arts, videos, memes, images, graphics, digital design.  With dozens of active campaigns we have a constant need for original, edgy, art which expresses our love of freedom, our mistrust of government, and our belief that our generation has all the potential and talent to overcome the challenges we face.  If you want to use your talents to promote the cause email us for more information.  In many cases we can even pay you, and your art could be seen by a national audience.  Awesome, right?

Young Writers!
We know our beliefs are right: politicians and government have really screwed up and are leaving us with a huge debt, but our own creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, community focus and determination can fix this.  Can you help us share that argument in clear, compelling, succinct, attractive writing?  Want to launch your future as a writer partnered with a group of free-thinking, liberty-loving young leaders?  Email us and let’s talk more.  We have dozens of ways for you to get involved, and we may even be able to pay you for your work.