Generation Opportunity North Carolina Urges Lawmakers to Pass Craft Beer Regulatory Reform

North Carolina spokeswoman writes open letter to the committee urging passage

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April 18, 2017

RALEIGH – Today, Generation Opportunity calls on the members of the North Carolina House Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control to pass H.B. 500 – ABC Omnibus Legislation. The Committee will vote on Wednesday to reduce regulatory burdens on craft beer brewing entrepreneurs by increasing the amount of product a small brewer can produce before the state forces him or her to contract with a distributor. Independent brewers know their businesses and they should be able to make the choice of whether or not to contract with a distributor.

Generation Opportunity wrote an open letter to the members of the Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control urging them to pass the measure out of Committee. Generation Opportunity is joined by Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina in their support of reducing regulatory burdens on our state’s entrepreneurs.

Read Generation Opportunity North Carolina Spokeswoman Anna Beavon Gravely’s open letter to the committee here.

Anna Beavon Gravely, Generation Opportunity North Carolina Spokeswoman, issued the following statement:

“Hardworking entrepreneurs deserve more from our lawmakers. They deserve to have the opportunity to pursue their passions and grow their businesses the way they want. Government red tape and regulations only increase the barriers for growth in their businesses. We believe that competition in a marketplace makes for increased options for all consumers, including for craft breweries. It is time for North Carolina to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit instead of punishing the development of new businesses that are increasing chances for people to earn a paycheck. Millennials across the state urge the House ABC Committee to support North Carolina’s craft brewing entrepreneurs and pass H.B. 500.”

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