House Committee to Hold Hearing on Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules


April 17, 2018

Arlington, VA – Today the House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on the FCC’s recently-passed Restore Internet Freedom Order. This measure ended what many refer to as ‘net neutrality’ by reclassifying the internet under Title I of the Communications Act instead of Title II – a provision designed to govern 1930’s-era technology. The move was strongly supported by Generation Opportunity (GO), a group that advocates for policies to improve the lives of young Americans.

Republican lawmakers are reportedly interested in clarifying the rules governing the internet with legislation codifying the principles into law to end the regulatory uncertainty faced by consumers, digital companies, and the telecom industry.

GO Policy Director David Barnes had the following comment about today’s hearing:

“For years now, we’ve been hearing politicians claim that the repeal of so-called netneutrality rules will be the ‘end of the internet as we know it.’ Several months after the rollback of these regulations, the internet remains as innovative and accessible as ever after all the needless hysteria. We hope the House Energy and Commerce Committee will recognize the numerous benefits of this deregulatory move and start the conversation about putting legislation on the books protecting the FCC’s actions.”

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The FCC under the Obama Administration passed a plan to reclassify internet service providers (ISPs) as a utility under Title II regulations of the Communications Act and apply that classification to wireless data. Previously, ISPs were regulated under less restrictive Title I rules.


Unnecessary and invasive “net neutrality” rules represented a massive power grab into the online economy, making it easier for the federal government to control the content that goes online and appears in search engines.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has correctly noted that Title II rules are too burdensome and stifle innovation, and that the Restore Internet Freedom Order, which the FCC recently voted in favor of, represents a “free-market-based approach” to regulating the web.

While Chairman Pai has unfortunately been the subject of hateful attacks from the pro-‘net neutrality’ crowd, companies like Comcast have announced bonuses for their employees and billions of dollars in new investments to their broadband infrastructure.

Earlier this year, GO issued a research report outlining the many times lawmakers on the left have claimed that not subjecting the internet to stricter government regulations formulated in the 1930s would lead to “the end of the internet as we know it.” Click here to view the full report.

Meanwhile, ‘net neutrality’ supporters have had a difficult time explaining why bringing back the rules would be a good idea. For example, while attempting to illustrate the benefits of ‘net neutrality’ late last year, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) ended up illustrating a perfect case against it.

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