Press Releases

Palm Beach County Backs off New Regulations to Take Uber, Lyft off the Road

Miami, FL – Yesterday, Palm Beach County commissioners backed away from new regulations on ridesharing companies operating in the county in response to public outcry over potentially losing Uber. Uber recently threatened to stop operating in Palm Beach County, as it did in nearby Broward County, if the new regulations went into effect.

Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Grand Rapids, MI – Today, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee passed a package of bills aimed at reforming civil asset forfeiture. These reforms create new reporting guidelines for law enforcement agencies, requiring them to produce a complete list of what property they seized, as well as the specific charge or violation of law which led to the seizure.

Generation Opportunity Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Higher Education Plan

Washington, DC – (8/10/15) – Today, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released a policy proposal that does nothing to improve the quality of our higher education system. Like President Obama’s “free” community college idea, Mrs. Clinton’s plan has a feel-good sound to it, but will actually end up driving up costs for hard-working taxpayers.

13.4% of Young People Out of Work in July

Instead of cracking down on innovation and competition, state and local governments should release the constraints on cutting-edge businesses that allow people the freedom to work hard and pursue success on their own terms